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Snowflake Software has set up a WFS and created a Flash Video to demonstrate its GO Publisher product serving CityGML hosted for the OGC Open Web Services 4 - CAD/GIS/BIM testbed. For more information on Snowflake's CityGML offering visit here

The WFS allows the following requests in both 1.0 and 1.1 specification

  • DescribeFeatureType
  • GetCapabilities
  • GetFeature

3 web services are hosted at the following URLs:

The WFS server currently supports the following Features:

  • Building
  • CityObjectGroup
  • GenericCityObject
  • ReliefFeature
  • CityFurniture

The WFS server supports the following Level of Details (LoDs):

  • LoD 1, LoD 2, LoD 3, LoD 4

Sample Queries (Uncompressed)

Sample Queries (WinZip Compressed)

The WFS can be tested with the following clients: