How to Use WFS in Aristoteles

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Get All Buildings

  • Start Aristoteles
  • Menu "world-->addscene-->webservice client"
  • press "new webservice"
    • --> "id" = AnyName
    • --> "url" = (for FZK)
    • --> "url" = (for Snowflake)
    • --> "service" = WFS
  • Click on "AnyName" in the server list
  • Activate the raider "GetFeature" --> activate "resultType" = results --> activate "TypeName" = citygml:Building --> activate "namespace" = citygml=http:/
  • Set the "handle response by" to "XML document explorer" and "execute query"
  • The completed dialog is shown here
  • The query will be executed and the "received service responce" can be saved and shown ("save & show")
  • All available buildings should now be visible in the Aristoteles Viewer --> Congratulations

Use WFS Filters

  • If the parameter "Filter" is not available, then press "create new Parameter" and name the parameter = "Filter"
  • Define your filter and "execute query" --> Have fun testing your filter
  • Filter can be saved and loaded as XML files