Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart

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Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart

official homepage of Stuttgart

3d-data information

All of them have attributes by an unique key for identification.

Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN)

The area of the city of Stuttgart (about 207 square kilometer) is available as a classified and triangulated irregular network.


Levels of Detail (LOD) 1

More than 180.000 buildings, all of them are created automatically. We used the building outline from the land register in combination with municipal informations of the building.


Levels of Detail (LOD) 2

More than 160.000 buildings. We are using a combination of airborne laser scanning and aerial photographs to create the building out of the outline of the land register.



More than 400 buildings. Those models are handmade by construction plans via CAD.

Grabkapelle on the Württemberg



At the project Stuttgart3D, which is an initiative of the Stadtmessungsamt and the GIS-AG of Stuttgart (it is a cooperation of geo-data producer and geo-data user at the municipality of Stuttgart), was the necessity fixed to build up an application for all the users of 3D-data at the municipality. The situation up to now was very different. There was a lot of 3D-data shared at the offices or departments. But nobody knows the data or it was not in a useful format or quality.

The goals of the project Stuttgart3D are defined as follow:

  • Bringing the 3D-data together into one database
  • Use the data infra structure and the network of the municipality
  • View the data in a quick way, by using an access control

One supporting pillar of the project is the data-format CityGML. With CityGML, we are sure, we can describe all our data in a interoperable way. For saving the data, we are using the CityGML - schema at a PostgreSQL - database directly. The other pillar is using the standards of the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) and the specifications of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) services. For example the Web Map Service (WMS) for using special texture at the data of the terrain, or the Web Feature Service (WFS) for using special data out of other databases or the Web 3D Service (W3DS) to share the information at the net.


Stuttgart3D - SupportGIS

The application Stuttgart 3D based on the product SGJ from CPA SupportGIS.


Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart


Lautenschlagerstraße 22

70173 Stuttgart / Germany


contact persons: Mr. Mohl and Mr. Hollenbach