IFC for Octaga, real-time 3D visualization

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Octaga AS, Oslo Norway is a manufactorer of real-time 3D Viewing Software. The viewer Octaga Modeller supports IFC 2X2 in addition to X3D and VRML, and is regarded as the best commercial viewer on the IFC market. Octaga Modeller is well suited as a stand-alone viewer, ActiveX plugin, or as OEM component for 3.party products. Octaga Modeller is used in several IFC based products like Rambyg of the Rambøll Group. Octaga Modeller is also the data base front end for EDMserver from EPM Technologies. Octaga offers Octaga Modeller RAD Kit for developers, and Octaga Modeller Enterprise multi purpuse usage of large 3D databases. Octaga Modeller is free for 21 days evaluation. Academic discount. For more info: www.octaga.com