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  • Title:
Immovable Property Taxation ADE (CityGML_TaxADE)
  • Description:
Immovable Property Taxation ADE extends CityGML for the requirements of immovable property taxation system in case of Turkey. It integrates physical objects specified by CityGML with the legal and administrative concepts defined in Turkish law. It is able to represent property units (i.e., cadastral parcel, condominium unit), their legal parts (i.e., annex, joint facility), and legal (e.g., property rights) and economic attributes (e.g. tax value, taxation period) of property units, as required for the process of property taxation, as well as cadastral and other administrative processes.
  • ADE Status:
ADE for CityGML
  • ADE Version:
ADE Version 1.0
  • Last ADE Update:
  • Related CityGML Version:
Version 2.0 (2012-04-04)
  • Intention:
  • Contact Person:
Volkan Çağdaş Home page
  • Contact Organisation:
Yildiz Technical University, Department of Surveying Engineering/TD>
  • XML Schema:
Can be downloaded here
  • UML Diagram:
Can be downloaded here
  • Documentation:
- Çağdaş, V., 2013. An Application Domain Extension to CityGML for immovable property taxation: A Turkish case study. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 21, 545-555.
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