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This GeoBIM standard started in 2009. The last official update was done in 2010. However, in the Dutch 3D Pilot in 2012 people are working on a new release. An update will be available soon. Reference implementation in open source software can be found on Google Code

  • Title: GeoBIM
  • Description: specification of the Building Information Model Extension (based on the open standard IFC)
  • ADE Status: Implemented Draft
  • ADE Version: version 0.5
  • Last ADE Update: 2010-03-30
  • Related CityGML Version: all.
  • Intention: to define a GeoBIM standard. Doing this by extending CityGML with more detailled (semantic) information about buildings. This ADE combines BIM information from IFC (from IAI) with CityGML.
  • Contact Person: Léon van Berlo (
  • Contact Organisation: Netherlands organisation for Applied Scientific research TNO
  • XML Schema:
  • UML Diagram:
  • Documentation: documentation video (30 minutes) or Google Code
  • Examples: or Google Code
  • Reference implementation: Google Code