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A complete IFC model can be exported into CityGML by using the IfcExplorer (FZK internal version).

Export Workflow

  • select "File-->Export-->CityGML"
  • select the Level of Detail and the building elements for the export
  • enter the global offset and the elevation
  • confirm or change the file name
  • confirm input by pressing ok

Export Options

  • Level of Detail
  • selection of building elements
  • selection of geometry type (e.g. solid geometry)
  • global position and elevation

Export Results

  • IFC building elements are converted into corresponding CityGml entities
  • IFC property sets are converted into CityGML generic attributes
  • IFC external references are converted into CityGML external references
  • the IFC building structure is converted into a set of CityObjectGroups

CityGML model imported into LandXplorer


CityGML model imported into Aristoteles

Examples of converted models can be found here