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Beside commercial software packages there is also a number of free tools and services that support CityGML.

 Free tools for visualizing and editing CityGML files

tridicon(R) CityDiscoverer light, a viewer for CityGML Data. --> Download

eveBIM, Multi-scale viewer for CityGML , IFC, BCF, and GIS files. Multiples plugins for viewpoints, clipping, colorization, properties edition... --> Download

GEORES for Sketchup, free and open-source plugins to export CityGML data from Sketchup™-Sketchsoftware (MIT license). --> Download

FZKViewer, a viewer for CityGML, IFC, gbXML, LandXML, CIM (IEC) and point clouds Data Data. --> Download

Liquid XML Editor, a free graphical XML Schema Editor (XSD), intellisense XML Editor and XSD & XML Validator. --> Download

BIMserver, an open source Building Information Modelserver. Features are export to CityGML and visualisation in 03D. --> Download

GML Viewer, a generic 2D GML Viewer capable of viewing CityGML. --> Download

TerrainView, is a free (for non-profit use) 3D viewer for interactive visualization of 3D data with CityGML support. --> Download

3D City Database, a free 3D geo database for the storage and management of virtual 3D city models based on CityGML - to be used in conjunction with Oracle 11G Spatial/Locator (or higher) or PostGIS. 3DCityDB comes with tools for CityGML import/export, export of data into spreadsheets, visualization support for KML, COLLADA, and glTF. Since version 3.2, a 3D web client which is based on the Cesium Virtual Globe is part of the project.
citygml4j, an open-source Java class library and API for the processing of 3D city models encoded in CityGML.
--> Project website --> Source Code --> Download of latest release --> Online demos of 3D viewer

QS-City 3D, a free online service for checking CityGML Data. For larger models the software can be downloaded. --> more

Aristoteles, an Open Source viewer for CityGML Data. --> Download

citygml4j, an open-source Java class library and API for the processing of 3D city models encoded in CityGML.
--> Download