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Example CityGML files are helpful for both developers and users of interoperable software. There are simple test cases, small CityGML examples dedicated to development, and whole building and city models, where users can explore the information typically captured in CityGML datasets. In addition there is also the possibility to access examples via Web Feature Service.


  • Berlin

"Pariser Platz" --> Download

Several building models with different LoDs --> Download

Open Data Sets

Building models LoD3, CityFurniture, Vegetation objects --> Download

KIT CityGML Examples

  • maila-push GmbH

High-detailed street setting in Frankfurt with 5 textured buildings in LOD 3 with several feature types --> Download on citygml.org

  • Nordrhein-Westfalen Open Data

CityGML buildings LoD 1 and LoD 2 --> Download

 Web Feature Services (WFS)