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CityGML tutorials and courses

  • EuroSDR EduServ6 with an introductory meeting in Stuttgart, Germany, on March 6th-7th and two weeks of distance E-learning course in May 19th-30th (further information)
  • 3rd ISPRS Summer School on June 29th in Nanjing, China (further information)
  • Runder Tisch GIS on February, 26th in Munich, Germany (in German; further information)
  • Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Photogrammetrie und Fernerkundung on April 23th in Oldenburg, Germany (in German; further information)
  • Developing CityGML ADEs (further information): a practical hands-on half day course for developing CityGML Application Domain Extensions (ADEs) designed for data/information architects and systems developers that need to extend CityGML 2.0. Course material reusable under the terms of the United Kingdom's Open Government Licence.