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A number of commercial software packages support CityGML.


 Software systems that provide CityGML support

  • 3DIS GmbH
    • CityEditor - Extension allowing the import, editing, export & presentation (3D-PDF & WebGL-based web presentation) of CityGML models and other 3D geo data using SketchUp
    • 3D-MAP - Web-based platform for managing, editing, processing & visualizing of 3D city models
  • Bentley Map Advanced 3D GIS tool for Microstation (or Standalone) fully compliant with OCG & CityGML. Reads/writes all CAD files, MapInfo, Shapefiles, Oracle Spatial, CSV and ODBC sources. More info.
  • BS Contact Geo 3D software from Bitmanagement for the visualization of GIS and geo-data with CityGML support.
  • CityServer3D Software suite for data management of 3D city models. Implements different standardised interfaces like CityGML, X3D, KML, WFS, W3DS. Geospatial information is stored in a database which enables scenario-based querying and visualization.
  • CodeSynthesis XSD - an open source (GPLv2 plus commercial license), cross-platform XML data binding compiler for C++. Supports generation of the object model as well as parsing and serialization code from CityGML schemas. For more information on using with CityGML, see this wiki page.
  • Galdos Systems Inc.
    • Galdos INscape CityGML Server Galdos INscape is a WFS-T which is fully compliant with the CityGML specification and which can support any ADE (user defined or otherwise) out of the box.
    • Galdos INdicio CityGMl Registry Galdos INdicio for CityGML manages code lists, schema components (base CityGML schemas and ADE's).
    • Galdos CityGML INspector Galdos CityGML INspector is an advanced visual inspector and WFS client for the examination and quality assurance of CityGML data. Invoke special shaders for indoor, outdoor and underground structures. Adaptive camera view provides objects at the "right" size. Integral Python engine for advanced users.
  • GO Publisher WFS - An OGC Compliant schema translating WFS capable of serving CityGML from any given relational model / bespoke 3D geometry model.
  • novaFACTORY novaFACTORY is an advanced Spatial Data Management solution for efficient geodata cataloguing, exploitation and dissemination. Its enterprise class technology is robust, flexible, easy-to-use, and scalable and is designed for seamlessly integrating large geographical data from many different sources, e.g. topographic maps, digital surface models, aerial photographs or 3D building models More info.
  • PlexMap - PlexMap ist eine browserbasierte Plattform zur Speicherung, Verarbeitung und Visualisierung von CityGML Daten der Firma GEOPLEX.
  • tridicon™ CityDiscoverer - software suite and authoring tool for visualization and analysing large scale 3D city and terrain models.
  • VC Suite - VC Suite is a modular solution for the storage, management, distribution and visualization of CityGML data. It is developed by Virtual City Systems. The solution encompasses the VC Database, the VC Publisher, VC Warehouse, and VC Map as well as add-on modules for urban planning, pointcloud viszualization, and oblique imagery support.