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     <TD WIDTH="170" valign="top"><ul><li>'''ADE Version:'''</li></ul></TD>
     <TD WIDTH="170" valign="top"><ul><li>'''ADE Version:'''</li></ul></TD>
     <TD>ADE Version 1.0</TD>
     <TD>ADE Version 1.0 [[ChangeLog-V0_8-to-V1_0.pdf|Change log V0.8 -> V0.9 and v0.= -> V1.0]]</TD>
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     <TD WIDTH="160" valign="top"><ul><li>'''Documentation:'''</li></ul></TD>
     <TD WIDTH="160" valign="top"><ul><li>'''Documentation:'''</li></ul></TD>
     <TD>[[Media:Energy ADE specification 2018 03 25.pdf|Specification(pdf)]]
     <TD>[[Media:Energy ADE specification_2018_08_13.pdf|Specification(pdf)]] last update 2018-08-13

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  • Title:
CityGML Energy ADE
  • Description:
The CityGML Energy ADE extends the CityGML Standard by features and properties, which are necessary to perform an energy simulation and to store the corresponding results.
  • ADE Status:
  • ADE Version:
ADE Version 1.0 Change log V0.8 -> V0.9 and v0.= -> V1.0
  • Last ADE Update:
February 2018
  • Related CityGML Version:
CityGML 2.0
  • Intention:
To define a standard for exchanging Information for energy simulation on urban Level.
  • Contact Person:
Egbert Casper, Romain Nouvel, Joachim Benner
  • Contact Organisation:
Special Interest Group 3D (SIG 3D)
  • XML Schema:
EnergyADE.xsd last update 2018-02-14
  • UML Diagram:
UML-Diagrams_EnergyADE.pdf last update 2018-02-14
  • Documentation:
Specification(pdf) last update 2018-08-13
  • Online Documentation:

Feature Catalogue

  • Profiles:

KIT Profil: UML Diagram; XML Schema; Feature Catalogue

  • Publications:

Agugiaro, G. et al.: The Energy Application Domain Extension for CityGML: enhancing interoperability for urban energy simulations, Open Geospatial Data, Software and Standards (2018) 3:2
Benner, J. et al.: Virtual 3D City Model Support for Energy Demand Simulations on City Level - The CityGML Energy Extension, Proceedings REAL CORP Conference 2016, Hamburg, 22 - 24 June 2016
Nouvel, R. et al.: Genesis of the CityGML Energy ADE, Proceedings of the CISBAT International Conference 2015 – Lausanne – Switzerland

  • Examples:
KIT Sample files Energy ADE last update 2018-06-28
  • Forum: