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 Open Data Initiatives

Dataset Country Level of detail CityGML ver. Year Acquisition technique Other thematic classes Textures Notes
Berlin Germany LOD2 2.0 2013 ? Terrain Yes Released in 2015
Brussels Belgium LOD2 1.0 2014 Building No EPSG:31370
Hamburg Germany LOD1 and LOD2 1.0 2015 Cadastre footprints + LiDAR
Linz Austria LOD2 1.0 2011 ? No
Lyon France LOD2 2.0 2012 Terrain, water
Montréal Canada LOD2 1.0 2009 Photogrammetry Yes
New York City by TUM United States LOD1 2.0 2015 Photogrammetry in combination with existing public 2(.5)D datasets Roads, lots, parks, water, terrain No Very rich in attributes
New York City by DoITT United States LOD2 (buildings are modeled with thematic surfaces in LOD2, however, for most buildings the geometric shape is LOD1) 2.0 2016 Cadastre footprints + LiDAR No
Nordrhein-Westfalen Open Data Germany LOD 1 and LOD2 2.0 2017 Cadastre footprints + LiDAR Building No urn:adv:crs:ETRS89_UTM32*DE_DHHN92_NH
Potsdam Germany LOD2 1.0 2011 Cadastre footprints + LiDAR no no urn:ogc:def:crs,crs:EPSG:6.12:25833,crs:EPSG:6.12:5783
Rotterdam Netherlands LOD2 1.0 2010 Cadastre footprints + LiDAR Yes
The Hague Netherlands LOD2 1.0 2011 Terrain No It contains terrain intersection curves
Thüringen Germany LOD1 and LOD2 1.0 2015 no no urn:adv:crs:ETRS89_UTM32*DE_DHHN2016_NH

If you are aware of open datasets which are not listed above please contact Filip Biljecki (NUS Singapore) or Karl-Heinz Häfele (KIT).

You might also be interested in sample CityGML data available on the CityGML website, datasets from the Netherlands automatically generated with 3dfier, and in procedurally generated CityGML models.

The quality of most of these dataset has been evaluated in a paper published in the proceedings of the 3D GeoInfo 2016 conference.