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Beside commercial software packages there is also a number of Open Source Projects that support CityGML.

 Open Source Projects

libcitygml is a small and easy to use open source C++ library for parsing CityGML files in such a way that data can be easily exploited by 3D rendering applications (geometry data are tesselated and optimized for rendering during parsing). For instance, it can be used to develop readers of CityGML files in many 3D based applications (OpenGL, OpenSceneGraph, ...)
citygml2vrml is a command line utility based on libcitygml to convert CityGML files to a VRML97 representation.
libcitygml & citygml2vrml --> More information and download

CodeSynthesis XSD, an open source, cross-platform XML data binding compiler for C++. Supports generation of the object model as well as parsing and serialization code from CityGML schemas. --> Download --> More information on using with CityGML

Aristoteles, an Open Source viewer for CityGML Data. --> Download

3D City Database, a free 3D geo database for the storage and management of virtual 3D city models based on CityGML - to be used in conjunction with Oracle 10G R2 Spatial (or 11G).
3D City Database Import/Export Tool, a free and open-source Java software tool facilitating the import and export of CityGML datasets into the 3D City Database.
citygml4j, an open-source Java class library and API for the processing of 3D city models encoded in CityGML.
--> more information and download

BIMserver, Open source building information modelserver based on IFC. Has an export function from IFC to CityGML (including the GeoBIM ADE extension)
--> more information and download

CityGML Plugins Sketchup™-Sketchsoftware, free and open-source plugins to export CityGML data from Sketchup™-Sketchsoftware. --> more information and download

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